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Invest in Ecotone Renewables


Help Fuel the
Food Waste Revolution

Who we are:

Founded in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in 2019, Ecotone Renewables is a next-generation public benefit corporation revolutionizing how local communities manage food waste through eco-smart practices.

What we do:

We help hospitals, universities, corporations, and other organizations eliminate food waste with our onsite anaerobic digestion system, ZEUS (Zero Emissions Upcycling System). ZEUS keeps food waste from landfills by sustainably converting it into renewable energy and Soil Sauce, our nutrient-rich organic liquid fertilizer.

Become an Ecotone Renewables Investor.

Without action, our planet faces risk. Help us reduce food waste and improve soil and plant health in your community by becoming an Ecotone Renewables investor. Connect with our team today!

Join our engineers, innovators, and visionaries in eliminating food waste and advancing sustainable food practices for a healthier world. 

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