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View our answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about ZEUS, our anaerobic food waste digester, and Soil Sauce, our nutrient-rich liquid fertilizer. If you have additional questions, please reach out to our team!



  • Input: 25,000 pounds of food waste per year (500 pounds per week).
     Output: 41,600 gallons of Soil Sauce per year (80 gallons per week) plus  7,000 bioenergy kilowatt hours per year (135 kilowatt hours per week).

  • 120 tons of CO2 per year, per system

  • Converting food waste into Soil Sauce involves a three-week process. However, It is continuous and automated so the liquid fertilizer can be drained at any point.


Soil Sauce

  • Soil Sauce is a U.S.-made organic fertilizer sustainably produced from food waste processed through ZEUS (Zero Emissions Upcycling System), our anaerobic digestion system.

  • Pour Soil Sauce directly into your soil or compost  — or depending on the plant or soil being treated, dilute 1:4 with water (one ounce of Soil Sauce mixed with 4 ounces of water). Apply every other week or as needed to optimize plant growth.

  • A plant biostimulant, soil probiotic, and liquid fertilizer, Soil Sauce increases plant growth up to 30%

  • Soil Sauce differs from other fertilizers as follows:


    • It is 100% organically processed from food waste. 


    • Although nutrient-rich, Soil Sauce will never cause root burn, unlike other fertilizers.


    • While other fertilizers are pure macronutrients NPK (Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium), Soil Sauce is packed with a living microbiome that increases overall soil health.  


    • Because of the anaerobic process, Soil Sauce increases plant nutrient uptake without high NPK fertilizers. Its even NPK (Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium) ratio of .1 is great for fertilizing! 

  • 99% Ammonium and 1% Nitrate

  • Soil sauce is rich in calcium and magnesium, which strengthen plants by improving the absorption of other key nutrients. Plant enzymes also require magnesium to produce carbohydrates and sugars for healthy seeds, flowers, and fruits.

  • Soil Sauce has an “earthy” scent, but you won’t experience the rotting food or fish emulsion odors of comparable organic fertilizers.

  • While Soil Sauce is not intended for consumption, it is not harmful to children or pets.

  • No, but we recommend loosening the lid to “burp” the containers every two months, allowing oxygen to keep the bacteria alive and well.

  • No. The chlorine from city water is not an issue. We use city water in our testing.

  • Order directly from our website or shop at select retailers. 

  • Absolutely! We offer larger Soil Sauce quantities to commercial farmers, recommending 20 gallons per acre, twice a month (approximately 160 gallons per acre for the growing season). Contact our team to learn more.

  • Yes. The fertilizer is added directly to the water. Contact our team for usage guidelines.

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