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Ecotone Renewables

Soil Sauce Farmer's Markets

What is Soil Sauce

Soil Sauce is a U.S made, organic fertilizer processed by Ecotone Renewables. This sustainable liquid plant fertilizer is OMRI Certified Organic and naturally produced from food waste by an anaerobic digestion system. Soil Sauce is a digestate fertilizer packed with macro and micronutrients that improves both short and long-term soil health and plant growth.

How to use it

Soil Sauce is both a composting agent and nutrient for soil. You can pour directly into your soil or compost, or depending on the plant or soil being treated, dilute Soil Sauce 1:4 with water (1 ounce of Soil Sauce mixed with 4 ounces of water)

Repeat this process every other week as needed to optimize plant growth.

How much do I need

Soil Sauce is great for indoor plants, gardens, or farms. Usage may vary.

Is Soil Sauce Organic?

Yes! Soil Sauce is made from food waste and other naturally occurring sources such as plant and animal materials. Organic fertilizers do not contain synthetic chemicals or pesticides and are often considered to be more environmentally friendly than traditional chemical fertilizers.

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