How to Celebrate Earth Day in Quarantine

It’s Earth Day’s 50th anniversary and while we are in the midst of the pandemic, it is important to remember that there are still many things we can do in order to help the planet. 


Go on a walk and pick up some liter (make sure to wear gloves)

It would be wonderful to bring some gloves and a bag to pick up some leftover liter on your daily walk. This way, you are able to experience the beauty of the day, while also helping the planet out a little bit. 


Start on a garden

As spring is beginning, now is the perfect time to start your garden. You may have seeds in your house, can pull some from the foods that you’re eating, or order some online. If you live in a house, your yard’s capabilities are endless. In an apartment? Grab some pots or old glass jars and plant smaller plants and herbs.


Start a small home compost heap (and use Soil Sauce to help!)

You can start a compost heap by building a pile in your backyard OR using a container with a tight lid and a biodegradable bag to build one in your home. Everyone makes food waste, so it is important to get rid of it sustainably. 


Make a meal with local foods (and support local farmers)

In times like this, it is incredibly important to support local businesses, and this includes local farmers. Check and see if farmers markets are open and following social distancing guidelines or see if you can order some food online. Local food is one of the best ways to make sure that you are being environmentally healthy. 


Unplug appliances when not in use

Now that you’re home, you may be using a lot more electricity in your house than you realize, but did you know that appliances use electricity when plugged in and not in use? Make sure to conserve electricity by unplugging them.


Invest in a bidet!

You won’t have to worry about toilet paper shortages with this green alternative.


Find a Digital Earth Day Event is hosting plenty, find the right one for yourself!